Certificate of ability
. We are in order with French and E.E.C Legislation regarding animals. Our cages, aviaries, enclosures, buildings, our equipments and trucks respect all the norms. We have all Capacity Certificates required to work in all legality and we got them for all zoological species. A copy of the attestation is sent for each shooting.

Administrative documents. All our animals are in order with the French Administration and Customs Bureau. In no case you could get problems with the Customs Bureau nor the Ministry of Environment, as we take all responsibility on this matter, this is clearly mentioned in our quotations.

Safety. All animals we use have been selected for the mild temper and according to strict security measures. Apart from our fixed and mobile equipment, we have special safety equipment adapted for each species of animals. We take all necessary measures to avoid any incident. The producer is always informed of any possible constraints.

Animal protection. We do not accept events or shootings that could be harmful for the animals, either because of risk of accident or simply stress. We therefore suggest various alternatives to the producer so that he can shoot whatever he wishes without trauma for the animals (dummies, SFX). When specific sequences (animal being wounded or even killed) are requested, our video team shoots all special effects which have been used: tape is kept to prove that no harm has been done to the animal.

Video tape. It's your guarantee for the job you asked for. At least one week before shooting, we send you a video tape showing the requested actions, shot with focals and the required camera movements. If necessary, it will show the tamers' positions during shooting.

Insurances. We are truly insured for civil liability and if one of our animals causes any damage during shooting, our insurance takes charge of all costs related to the damages.